Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 08/01/17: Mom's Dill Pickle, Mom Faded, Meet Up at Corby's

1. Much of the time, Mom doesn't quite know or understand where she lives. Often, she thinks her kitchen is nearby, as if she is in her living room in her house. Usually she just wants to know if the kitchen is clean, but today she made a new request. Judy and Angie were near the end of their visit, and suddenly, out of the blue, Mom said, "Bill, get me a dill pickle. I want it cut thin, like this [she made a chopping gesture with her hand] and don't let it leak." I immediately texted the Deke and Christy to find out if there were dill pickles in either Mom's or Christy's fridge. Deke texted me back, "Yes". The Deke met me out on Cameron Avenue with a small baggie with a couple of pre-sliced Clausen pickles. I wondered if I could slice them thinner and discovered I couldn't.

I hustled back to Mom's room with the dill pickles and told Mom she had bought these pickles -- I said this because I was pretty sure Mom wanted a home canned dill pickle hand sliced, not a store bought one pre-sliced. Mom wondered when she bought these pickles, but didn't give it much more thought. Then, suddenly, she said, "Bill, get me a piece of bread." She thought I'd just have to go to the nearby kitchen and get a slice. I thought for a split second and headed to the Kindred dining area, hoping I could get a slice of bread in the kitchen. On my way to the dining area, the very helpful aide Vanessa was wheeling a resident to lunch and I asked Vanessa if she would use her power and authority to ask the kitchen staff for a slice of bread. She said she would get one and deliver it to Mom -- and, she did.

At her request, I cut Mom's slice of bread into quarters and cut a pickle slice into smaller pieces and Mom ate a single square of bread topped with a piece of pickle.

Her craving was satisfied.

2. Mom hardly touched the lunch she was served, but she did drink Ensure. During and after lunch, Mom was fading, nodding off in her wheelchair, and I was sure she'd soon ask to go to bed -- and she did, shortly before two o'clock. So the aides would have plenty of room, I left while they used the Hoyer lift to put Mom to bed and when I returned, after a good visit with Peny Benson, Mom was asleep. Carol came to be with Mom at 3 o'clock.

3. Not long after leaving Kindred, I drove to Byrdman's house in CdA and we met up with Stu and Lars at Corby's Bar in Post Falls. We talked with Corby some and had a good session telling stories and laughing it up. Meeting up at Corby's was kind of like a warm up for next week's KHS All-Class Reunion.

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