Sunday, August 13, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 08/12/17: Mom's Sleep Continues, Reunion Parade, Somber Conversations

1. This morning, Carol reported that Mom continued to sleep. I went to be with Mom for an hour or so around 1:00. Mom slept and hardly stirred. Christy was with her through the afternoon. Mom slept. Mom slept all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with short breaks to take medicine or for a change of clothes.

2. We had a great turnout at Jake's Mom's house to decorate our Class of 1972 float for the All-Class reunion parade. Our class was also represented by bicycle and motorcycle riders and it was fun laughing it up with lifelong friends and tossing candy to onlookers on the parade route.

3. Our class had a patio party later in the afternoon at Kellogg's Mansion on the Hill. I had a very good visit with Deni Rinaldi, a classmate -- we walked in together at our high school graduation -- and lifelong family friend. All weekend long, the mood was festive and fun, but many of my private conversations were somber. Often the subject was death. Deni lost her husband over two years ago. Deni told me about his last days and we talked about Mom. Many people I talked to knew how frail Mom has become and extended their empathy and sympathy and support. Many told me their own stories about their parents either dying or being frail now. I deeply appreciated all this support and all these stories.

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