Thursday, August 10, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 08/09/17: Mom is Frail, Mom's Burst of Impatience, Christy's Gratitude

1. I went over to see Mom at 9:00 knowing that both the CNA and RN from Hospice were scheduled to visit Mom this morning. Mom is frail. Their (and my) chief concern is keeping Mom comfortable with the help of medicine. Both the CNA and RN observed Mom in pain and Andrea, the RN, made adjustments in Mom's medication.

2. I returned to be with Mom at 3:30. She was in her wheelchair and nearly mute. Occasionally, Mom said some things. Mostly she drifted in and out of sleep. Mom barely at any dinner. She had a moment, though, when I could see the Mary Woolum I've known all these years shine through. I fed Mom what little dinner she ate. She had both cottage cheese and pears on her tray. I asked her if she wanted cottage cheese and if she wanted pears. She'd declined pears three times. I thought I'd give it another try:

"Mom, do you want some pears?"

In the strongest voice her frailty could muster:  "For the FOURTH TIME, NO!"

I chuckled. I smiled broadly. I thought to myself, "Good to have you back, Mom" (if only for a moment) and didn't offer Mom any more pears.

3.  The Deke made a delicious pasta salad and Christy grilled chicken apple sausages and we had a baguette to round out the meal and Christy, Everett, the Deke, and I had a relaxing time of cooling off, talking, and laughing in Christy and Everett's back yard. The last few days when Christy has been with Mom, mostly Mom has slept. This afternoon, though, Mom was awake with Christy. Mom asked Christy about her day and they got to talk. Christy was very grateful.

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