Saturday, August 12, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 08/11/17: Mom Slept All Day, All-Class Reunion, Inland Lounge

1. Mom slept all day. I arrived to be with her at 8 and she was back to bed after spending much of her time in the dining area during breakfast asleep. She barely ate. I stayed with Mom until 1 in the afternoon, mainly to make sure she was comfortable. Around 10 o'clock, two nurses had to check a bandaged spot on Mom's back. I left the room and took a stroll. When I returned, Nurse Michelle told me that Mom stiffened up when they moved her to look at her back, making the procedure difficult. It also triggered pain and so immediately Nurse Brian gave Mom morphine and then another dose an hour later. Mom grimaced and fidgeted and occasionally groaned until around noon and then settled back into peaceful sleep and rest.

I returned to Mom's room around 4 o'clock when Terry Turner paid Mom a visit. Mom gave no indication that she knew Terry was in the room. I left Mom's room around 5:45. She continued to sleep.

2. The Deke drove Christy and me uptown to the Elks. This is the weekend of the All-Class Reunion. We joined the gathering of all Kellogg High School alumni who graduated in the 1970s. I saw dozens of people I've known for over fifty years. It was fun to get reacquainted with people like Susan Sellers and Jim Morgan whom I hadn't seen for decades and fun to see and talk with people I've seen more recently and others who I see frequently.

3. After making the rounds at the Elks, I strolled across the street and spent the rest of the evening at the Inland Lounge yakking with old friends, shooting the breeze with Cass, and enjoying the relaxing effects of Maker's Mark. It was a great night.

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