Thursday, August 3, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 08/02/17: Mom's Day of Sleep, Decisions, Kitchen Products

1. At around 9 a.m., while Carol was with Mom, Mom said she wanted to go to bed. She slept for the rest of the morning, the entire afternoon when I was with her, and was asleep when Christy left her room at around 7 p.m. I didn't have any conversation with Mom today. She didn't wake up for anything.

2. The Deke and I are facing some short-term and long-term decisions and we went to Radio Brewing for about an hour for a beer and started talking about the upcoming week and the upcoming months.

3. Mom always liked to stock up on kitchen products. She loved to buy food and aluminum foil and spices and other kitchen items, especially when they were on sale. Since she hasn't been active in her kitchen for quite a while, it had been a while since she bought products ahead of time and her supplies had dwindled. Last night, Christy, Carol, and I went through what she had left. Christy and Carol took some items home, we put together some donations for the food bank, and we discarded some things the food bank can't take because they are outdated. We know the time is going to come when we will need to remove nearly everything from Mom's house. This was a small way we could make a little more progress on this task.

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