Friday, August 11, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 08/10/17:Mom Slept All Day, Afternoon Party in CdA, Italian Birthday Feast

1. I spent the morning with Mom, from 8-12. I learned, upon arriving at Kindred, that she had been wheeled to the dining area to eat breakfast. At 8, she sat in her wheelchair, in her room, drifting in and out of sleep. We didn't converse. Mom talked a little bit from time to time, but not in conversation. She wanted to sleep. Some time after 9, a couple of aides put her back to bed and Mom slept the rest of the day, peacefully, without agitation or restlessness. Her facial expressions, the regularity and depth of her breathing, and her physical and vocal stillness all indicated that she was comfortable. I returned to see Mom at 5 o'clock and she continued to sleep. At about 5:40, I checked in with Mom's aide to report that I was going home.  Misty, the aide, told me she'd be checking in on Mom after dinner and on into the evening.

2. The Deke and I took an afternoon drive to Coeur d'Alene where I got a haircut and the Deke checked out a yarn store she'd never been to, Knit Knit.  We met up again at Crafted and sat at the bar where the Deke enjoyed a pint and a half of Ninkasi's Dawn of the Red and I loved my pint and a half of Mad Bomber's Fatman IPA. The Deke and I needed another bit relaxed time with just each other and had a great conversation about the near future. It was a great party.

3. Back in Kellogg, we went over to Carol and Paul's house and celebrated Molly's 27th birthday with the Roberts and with Christy and Everett with an Italian feast. Carol had been in Italy back in June and early July. Tonight she made three main dishes that included polenta, sausage, artichokes, pasta, and cheese. I can't name the dishes. We also had a delicious green salad. Carol served Romano cheese and sliced meats and baguette for an appetizer and we drank an Italian cocktail before the main course and Italian wines with dinner. We topped off the meal with lemon cake and espresso for dessert. It was a very happy birthday dinner for Molly and a great Italian feast for all of us.

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