Monday, June 25, 2007

A Picture Review of My Neighborhood Walk with Snug

Snug and I went for an early afternoon walk today. I took some pictures that didn't make the cut because I set my camera wrong. Food for Lane County handed out free sack lunches and parents and children came over to Monroe Park to sit in the sun and eat. Children splashed in the park's wading pool, laughing, kicking up water, grateful for a warm, blue summer day. A music ensemble gathered in the shade of a Douglas Fir: guitar, clarinet, sousaphone, and flute. I'd never seen a woman in the park with a sousaphone, transporting it on a trailer behind her bicycle. But those pictures were all blurry. I'll get the settings right next time. But, here are some pictures that did pretty much turn out:

Snug is ready and happy to be out for a walk.

I used to grow rose campions in front of the house and loved their radiant petals:

Jupiter's Beard gives this spot a needed spray of color; I enjoy how they give the dreadful pavement around it some sense of life:

Eager lilies in Monroe Park:

Lily up close:

This poppy, I don't know, its petals are so delicate, its middle eye so wide open, maybe in wonder. What do you think?

I like this rose as it's about to open. I like the promise it holds before it's fully revealed:

These people's lovely porch is enhanced by these zinnias:

The people living in the stretches of houses near this sidewalk neglect their yards. I like it. I felt like I was in the woods walking down a verdant path:

You can't tell from this picture, but this is a Christmas mug. You can see the rest of the dada here:

For years, to publicize things in Eugene, notices were stapled on telephone poles. Now most of those producers and groups publicize their events electronically. It was fun to see two groups still doing it the old-fashioned way:

Snug's had it:


MarmiteToasty said...

The little flowers at the beginning of your post, look like some kinda Dianthus.... which is a member of the carnation lot..... of course Im probably wrong, but the little actual flowers so look like them...... CALLING JBELLE lol

Looks like you had a wonderful walk...... its been tipping it down again here most of the day, thats about 5 days in a row now.... bloody British weather.... floods all over the country.... no lovely snug walks for anyone here this week..... we had our summer back in April.......


Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

I think Marmite is right. . .Dianthus. I have several clusters in my garden. I love the bright spot of color, and they look like big puffy balls when they fill out.

JBelle said...

And it appears that it was a mighty fine walk at that!

Taxonomists look to the leaves on a plant when trying to guess its proper origin. And those gray green stems with the arrangement of buds, the proper name for that escapes me at the moment, definitely lands them in the dianthus jar. Taxonomists only go by the flower as a 6th or 8th recourse....

Christy Woolum said...

It is nice to see flowers from a walk with Snug. Lilies are good flowers for photos. Such beautiful blossoms. Snug is so cute at the end.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a day to be out in the fresh air and sunshine!! Did you get a chance to splash in the wading pool too?

raymond pert said...

I have received an email from another very knowledgable flower lover who tells me the flowers I used to grow are rose campions (I just called them campions) and that the concrete brighteners are Jupiter's Beard.

MarmiteToasty said...

Well bugger me, I would of put money on them being dianthus LOL.....


... said...

That hot pink flower, the one you're calling "rose campions", we had that growing wild last year in the back garden. Sadly, I don't think it's coming back this year for some reason.. probably weeds.. I'd love to get some seeds from that plant from you, once it goes to seed later on, so I can re-seed that area heavily with this nice flower..

raymond pert said...


I'll see what I can do. The flowers are just around the corner in front of
the house of family who are nice people. Maybe I can snag some seeds. I'll
keep you posted.