Thursday, June 21, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 06/21/07: Thick, Disaster, Blowhards

1. I've been obsessed, mildly, with Jethro Tull's "Thick As a Brick". After listening to it repeatedly on Napster, even going to sleep with it on the other night, today I downloaded it on my mp3 player and could walk around the house listening to it and perform some pretty lousy air bass, guitar, and flute.

2. I devoted more time than I have in months to getting my home office cleaned up and organized. It's a messy, cluttered, dusty, junky, scattered, disorganized, unkempt, disheveled, hurricane wracked, flood damaged, sun baked: an avalanched disaster. I managed to keep FEMA out of it.

3. Michael Blowhard over at 2Blowhards does an "Elsewhere" piece about two or three times a week and he provided a link to my "Blummin' It in Bonners Ferry" post. It makes me very happy to be Michael Blowhard-worthy! Look here for Elsewhere and here for the Blowhards blog itself.

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Jen B said...

Ok, thought I was looking in the mirror at the desk picture...LOL
I think a good writer always has a little
I try and try but paper just follows me, I think its alive at times and it just wants to be a part of my organized mind...LOL
Anyway, swung by to invite ya to my latest post...oh the fear of being a mom to a teen!