Friday, June 1, 2007


I could understand her getting my name wrong. If I had a dollar for everytime people have called my Guenter, I could retire. But, to find out this heartwarming letter had also been sent to Julia, as posted at her wonderful blog 3 For 365, well, that broke my heart.

Hi, Guenter

I believe that you are my soul mate and I am even more confident that you
are kind, bright, well-behaved person with wonderful manners and polite
sense of humor. Indeed I am a wise lady and I will not stand living with a
fool or a cry-baby. I know that I am worth thousands of women; my
intelligence is far more advanced than it is of an average lady my age; my
sexuality is million times stronger than it is of a young, inexperienced
girls. I am worth a fortune and I am happy for you, because from now on you
can write to me at [private: I'll never reveal] and we will learn each
other better. You will never regret that you've finally met me!

Waiting for your mail
Roana S.


Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

If we all had a dollar for everytime people have called us Guenter, we'd all have $5 or less.

At first I thought it was a serious piece, but then I thought why would he be jealous if this bi-case was sending love letters to women as well as men? Didn't make sense - unless you were poking fun at the stupidity of someone who calls you by the wrong name and tries to convince you that they are super-lover - so you will "bite" on their phishing attempt.

Good thing your name is Gunter or Guen - you may have been convinced. LOL

Anonymous said...

And you didn't reply?
She seems like quite the catch Uncle Guenter