Saturday, June 9, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 06/08/07: Party, Sly, Looking Back

1. What a great party! Every year our English department invites faculty, current students, and students who have finished LCC and gone to the U of Oregon or elsewhere to have a potluck get together. I so enjoyed relaxing, talking, laughing, eating good food, and learning more about students present of from the past.

2. I was in a sly mood today and when I feel that way I'm even more of a wise acre than usual and today a bunch of us laughed about smart alec quips I directed at colleagues, especially my teaching partner, Margaret.

3. I read all the retrospective essays our Working Class Lit/Research wrote yesterday and it's especially gratifying that they learned more than they had ever known in our course, especially the history of labor about stories rarely told, such as the Pullman porters and the miners of Harlan County, KY and the Sunshine Mine.

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