Saturday, June 16, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 06/16/07: Cast, Relaxed, Peccadillo

1. My teaching schedule in the fall keeps me from being a spear carrier or some other minor role in the LCC fall production of King Lear, BUT I went to the first cast meeting today and listened to a first reading of about three scenes. Oh my! Sparky has cast the play beautifully and even this early I could feel great chemistry among the cast and could easily imagine these seated actors making their way through the language in a cold reading becoming becoming splendid characters in this huge and mighty play.

2. This quarter I decided to forego giving as much energy to my blog and more energy and commitment to staying caught up in my paper reading and grading. I've been much more relaxed and with grades due on Tuesday, I've read every paper handed in to me as of now. Some stragglers with still hand in papers in the next couple of days, with my blessing, but I do not have that feeling of being overwhelmed and anxious as my grade submission deadline approaches.

3. Molly's boyfriend, our guest for the next month, fixed a wonderful Cuban dish, Peccadillo, for us tonight. It was exquisitely simple and down home. It was a well-spiced tomato, ground beef sauce flavored with green olives and served over jasmine rice. It inspired talk all through dinner of other dinners we could prepare and eat in the coming week. Nothing fancy. Just more good meals were being discussed and planned. Hiram's presence is invigorating our family life.


Student of Life said...

Sometimes, live gets in the way of this blogging thing...and that's a good thing. It's easy to get caught up in this little box and put this "job" ahead of other things on the priority list. I've done it many times since I started blogging nearly a year ago. Don't worry if you have to re-order that list. We cyber stalkers will hang around anyway. :)

myrtle beached whale said...

peccadillo must be sinfully good by definition.