Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 06/19/07: Fasting and Praying, Relief, Palouse Envy

1. I've posted all my grades. I could still receive a research paper by email in the next five minutes. I've set 10:30 as a taffy soft deadline for the stragglers since grades are due at midnight.

2. It's been warm/hottish in my office reading and grading papers, calculating those final grades, fasting, praying, hoping my decisions are correct. BUT, just as the sun had disappeared, Snug and I went out for a refreshing walk. The neighborhood is quiet tonight. A yard party hear, two mommy families leaving another get together there; the mood was upbeat. Snug got worn out. He'll drop into a deep dog sleep tonight.

3. If you haven't been over to my sister's blog, she has some pictures of her drive through the Washington Palouse country on her way to Pullman. Her pictures made me fight off the cardinal sin of envy. They are here.


Christy Woolum said...

I think I have an idea for a road trip this summer! Good breakfast in Spangle, good coffee at the rest stop by Rosalia, and Taco Time in Colfax!!!!

MarmiteToasty said...

A walk with a good companion is always welcome..... :)

I to had to fight off the pangs of envy today, but in a loving way.....


Jen B said...

The walk sounds so peaceful. Good for you getting your grades done! I couldn't do it...lol I'm bad for stuff like that. Anyway, enjoy the time off and summer, you've earned it!