Friday, June 1, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 06/01/07: Award, Kindness, Sleep

1. Ten years ago the first anniversary of my father's death coincided with when I was honored at Lane Community College's graduation ceremony as the college's Instructor of the Year. It was an odd day. I got a call from an administrator's secretary telling me to be sure not to miss graduation. It was all kind of last minute and secretive, I thought. I wish I'd known sooner. It would have been to have had my mother and maybe sisters come to Eugene and celebrate the honor together and say a few words together about my father, too...mix the happy with the sad.

2. I received a very kind email today from a member of the KHS class of '73 telling me she was one of the regular readers of my blog who didn't comment and that she had encouraged others where she works to read this blog. I was ecstatic! I love finding out that people I don't know about are reading this blog!

3. I fell asleep in my office and was fifteen minutes late for a meeting scheduled to last two hours that ended after 45 minutes. What a deal! I only attended it for half an hour and, so, for me, it was over almost before it got started.

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Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Bittersweet Award. My mom died the day after the Hunk and my 10th Anniversary. I was in Pinehurst, and he was in California. . .

Kool that you have mystery readers!

You must have needed the sleep more than the meeting! LOL!