Sunday, June 17, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 06/17/07: Weeds, Pesto, Ferrell

1. Hiram, Molly, Deke, and I worked for about two hours and jerking up the weeds in the backyard, creating a haystack on the concrete patio, a satisfying outcome of a small commitment of time and good work.

2. Deke fixed pesto for pasta and an anitpasto. What a refreshing, satisfying meal.

3. I enjoyed Stranger than Fiction tonight. I enjoyed its exploration of narrative fiction and how genres work and it's the only movie I've ever seen Will Ferrell star in and I enjoyed his portrayal of the Macon Leary-like* IRS auditor who breaks through the confines of his mechanical life and learns to live a life of vitality, especially as he comes to learn his death is just around the corner.

* The terribly emotionally shut down central character of Anne Tyler's The Accidental Tourist.


Student of Life said...

I was skeptical about Stranger Than Fiction, but I also really enjoyed it. I love Will Ferrell, but I wasn't sure I'd like him in a slightly more serious role. I was wrong. I loved him.

Christy Woolum said...

Pesto.... hopefully she used basil and not catnip!!! :)

MarmiteToasty said...

Weeds are just wild flowers :)....... I am a weed LOL

LOL@catnip :)....


Anonymous said...

Now the guilt. Last year I still had volunteers from the previous year to harvest, dispite my neglect. This year only the mustard survives.