Friday, June 29, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 06/29/07: Dump, JBelle, Sit/Stay

1. A chair in our living room had just gotten plain ratty and foul looking after almost nine years of dogs, cats, a squirrel, and a variety of human beings using it, and today I drove it to the dump and watched with some glee and some remorse as I dropped it into the landfill.

2. I finished "Water for Elephants" and went over to JBelle's blog because I knew she had cited her favorite passage from the book. She cited a beaut, but it was her short introduction of the book that caught my attention. My mind has been turning over and over her insight that it's a story of captivity and freedom. Indeed it is, at every level, through every plot line.

3. It was time for Snug to eat. I planned to feed him in my room. I had him sit on my bed. I said "Stay." As I left the room, he jumped off the bed. I said firmly, quietly, "No, Snug. Stay." He got back on the bed, sat, and I went to get his food. He sat and stayed until I returned. He stayed while I put his food down. I waited a few seconds. Not until I said, "Okay" did he jump down and start eating. I'm very proud of his sit/stay progress. I'm very happy about it, too.


Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Water for Elephants sounds very interesting. I like what she said about the Orangutan saying "Thank You." Our dog, MzOz says, "Thank You." to me after each meal. She comes and finds me after she had finished eating and nuzzles me, and I pet her and say, "You're welcome, Baby."

Anonymous said...

a squirrel???!

raymond pert said...

The squirrel came down the fireplace chimney, was scared, leapt on the chair, and did what animals do in distress: emptied its bladder.