Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 06/03/09: Mellow Snug, Molly at Church, Ice Cream Delight

1. Snug can be protective in situations when he doesn't need to be. Today the painter arrived, opened the garage door and Snug ran to the garage. He didn't growl or snarl or, thank God, bite the painter and was cooperative when I brought him back into the house. I was hugely relieved, but will take measures with closing the right doors so that neither Snug nor the painter are in that situation again.

2. I hadn't seen Molly at church for ages and she arrived to quilt the same time I arrived to celebrate the Eucharist and we had a good chat before going our separate ways. She's a very kind soul.

3. The Deke and I enjoyed some Tillamook Old-Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream with blueberries...and I threw some raspberries in my bowl for good measure.

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Christy Woolum said...

I am happy Snug is making progress. Yum... Tillamook Ice Cream.