Sunday, June 28, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 06/28/09: Rare Photo, Deke's Kellogg Dream Comes True, Chocolate Longing

1. I rarely take pictures of people, but I managed to capture this moment between Snug and my brother-in-law David. I like it a lot.

2. The Deke called from Kellogg and the first leg of her drive with Patrick and the corgis seems to have gone well, although travel seems rough on the dogs.

3. I don't often have a yearning for chocolate cake and frosting, but I did tonight. I went to Market of Choice to pick up a few essentials..bread, coffee, kefir, fruit...and I also bought a generous slice of chocolate cake. Eating it at home satisfied my longing for cake and I doubt I'll have another one, not for quite a while.

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