Friday, June 26, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 06/26/09: Junior Troxstar Drives, Comfortable Conversation, Return of the Weber

1. Morning struggles with c-diff knocking me out. I don't like that. The sleep, however, was blissful and I had this great dream about going to a rock concert with the Troxstar and afterward, when I was too tired to drive, he took over and sat his son Evan between himself and the steering wheel and Evan got to steer the car down while we made our way down the highway. The Troxstar took over, however, when the road was suddenly littered with blown out rubber tires.

2. The back yard was cool, a light breeze, and I enjoyed talking with David about where his Harley travels will take him when he leaves Eugene.

3. We haven't fired up the Weber for what seems to me like years. Patrick fired it up tonight and threw some pork chops that The Deke had marinated and it was a terrific dinner. I'll have to see to it that we fire up the grill more often!

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