Saturday, June 27, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 06/27/09: Dream Killer, Snug Stars as Ghandi, Nuke the C-Diff

1. David and I went back and forth about our weird dreams. He ran through snow and had another dream about running. I dreamed about being on a jury and receiving a death threat from an associate of the defendant and tried to wake myself up. I hated the pressure of having a death threat against me and the longer the dream lasted the more paranoid I became.

2. John, David's brother-in-law, arrived this afternoon and Snug was all loving and cuddly with him. What a relief! Snug occasionally is aggressive with strangers, but with both David and John he has welcomed them, pressed against them, sat on the couch with them as if they were best friends.

3. The symptoms and indignities of c-diff are definitely waning and I'm being optimistic that the new antibiotic along with the increased probiotics,in my food and in capsules, and the homeopathic remedy I've started are working in concert to relieve me of the stubborn malady.

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MarmiteToasty said...

I rarely have bad dreams, strange ones yes, but not bad.....

Snug must of realised that John must of been a gentle soul and that he didnt need to be your guardian :) good dog....

Glad to hear your C-diff is abating.... fingers crossed, or in your case, legs crossed lol