Sunday, June 7, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 06/07/09: Crying Inwardly for Father, Wetland Pix, Forever Nineteen Years Old

1. We learned from his sermon today that when Father Ted, as a little boy, got lost at the Fair after riding the carousel, he eventually ran into his father who took Ted into his arms. Ted's feelings as a lost child in deep need of being found perfectly illustrate two of Paul's most tender words in the Letter to the Romans: "Abba, Father!"

2. Russell and I went on a photo outing to the Fern Ridge Wildlife Area where the air was cool, the clouds dramatically blue and gray, and the photographic subject matter bountiful.

3. I found "Anvil" an insightful study of arrested development, sometimes humorous, but most often painful. It reminded me of the documentary "American Movie".

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