Thursday, June 25, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 06/25/09: Snug the Comforter, Deliverance, Industrious Apothecary

1. I'm not always sure how Snug will react to a stranger visiting. David arrived last night and, for Snug, it was love at first sight and he has sat with David, licked him, pressed against him, and, I think, comforted him over the last 24 hours. My heart swells with happiness.

2. Dr. Andrew Elliott, ND, is intelligent, insightful, perceptive, pragmatic, and a pleasure to visit. I left my appointment today feeling confident that the conventional treatment I've received has been very good and that his approach to supplementing antibiotics with probiotics might finally deliver me from the c-diff mess I've been in.

3. I visited Broadway Apothecary for the first time today. The atmosphere of industry, professionalism, and production impressed me deeply. I'm looking forward to the insurance decision to come through so I can take the hand-crafted antibiotic Dr. Ghandour prescribed for me through Broadway Apothecary.

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