Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 06/23/09: Clearance, Snug Is My Magnet and I Am His Steel, Travels with Harley

1. Over the last several weeks of being sick, my desk got piled up with all kinds of papers, compact discs, DVD's, electronic apparatus, and I got it cleared off and found a couple of things I really hoped I hadn't lost!

2. Illness returned all of sudden about 2 in the afternoon. Snug seemed to sense something wasn't right with me. He became a comforting magnet and pressed against me all afternoon and through the night. I thanked him and pet him profusely. He's been just what I've needed as this episode of c-diff (I think) runs its course.

3. Good news! David, the Deke's brother, is within striking distance of Eugene and should roll in on his Harley around 6 o'clock on the 24th.

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