Monday, June 15, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 06/15/09: Couch Coma, Gratitude and Grace, Let's Get Lenient

1. I was going strong this morning when I suddenly hit the wall and fell into a bottomless sleep, made immensely enjoyable by lying down on our new couch and indulging its comforts.

2. One of my former students graduated this weekend from the U of O and sent me a Euphoria chocolate bar in thanks for our work together. She didn't put enough postage on the envelope and the mail carrier waved off the fee. So much goodness.

3. My favorite lines from Gerald Stern's poem "Her Right Eye Catches the Lavender": "Why did it take so long / for me to get lenient"? These lines have been echoing in my head all day today, telling me that I've found the central focus for my work at the writing retreat in July. Imagine how much fuller and richer the world of writing would be if writers were lenient with themselves instead of so brutally demanding and self-critical.

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