Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 04/01/14: Heel Healing, Got Some Laughs, Major Move Ahead

I'm an April Fools' Day agnostic.  Everything I'm writing here is true.

1.  Ice is helping my injured, strained Achilles area heal.   My limp receded significantly this evening.

2.  I was pleasantly surprised that several of the kind of dumb things I said to make my new section of WR 115 students laugh worked.  Oh, yes, I see a couple of sourpusses in the room, but maybe, in time, they'll come around and enjoy that, for me, a college course is more of a house party than boot camp.

3.  Big news!  The Deke has decided she definitely wants to teach at Robert Goddard French Immersion school.  Next school year it will be located in Greenbelt, Maryland and it's most likely we will live in Virginia.  Today's summit meeting at Cornucopia was for the Deke and me to start charting out what we need to do to make this move and it all pretty much starts with selling the house.  We are fortunate that the Deke found such a good job so that we can live nearer Adrienne and Jack as well as Molly, Hiram, Olivia, and David.  That's our primary reason for moving. 

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