Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 04/07/14: Work Session, COMPASSION, The Troxstar is Stateside

1.  Even if it's only a relatively small bit of work, every session I spend in the yard pulling weeds and cleaning stuff up makes me a little stronger and makes the yard look a little better.  I was happy with the work session I had today.

2.  I took a very pleasant walk to SELCO and back, about a mile both ways, and took a few pictures.  I want to return to the site of this picture more often and see if I can do more with the planter that has "COMPASSION" written on it.  Not much is happening in this picture, I admit, but, I see potential...unless the City or someone erases the planter's message....:

3.  The Troxstar has taken a break from trotting the globe and is going to hang out in Eugene for a while and go to work most days of the week and we got together today at the Pour House and both enjoyed Falling Sky's Belgian strong ales.  The conversation was good, too.  The globetrotter trotted well.

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