Sunday, April 6, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 04/05/14: Moving Books, Ton Katsu Donburi, Saturday Market

1.  As we get ready to move, we'll deal first of all with books and so today the sorting and deciding began.

2.  My bowl of Ton Katsu Donburi at Pure was a perfect blend of black rice, onion, egg, red pepper, other vegetables, and tender deep-fried breaded pork.  I experienced it as a bottomless bowl of wondrous flavors and had the pleasure of never wanting to be done with it while, at the same time, feeling like I'd never finish.  It was a generous helping.

3.  Russell and I sauntered over to the Saturday Market after lunch to take some pictures and things were jolly on the park blocks.  I tried to focus on happy faces and people hugging as I snapped away. This picture meets neither criteria, but is one of my favorites of the day:

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