Friday, April 18, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 04/17/14: Lousy at Hinges, The Mighty Independent Clause, Intro to Tricerahops

1.  I'm just lousy in life when it comes to kitchen drawer and cabinet door handles and cabinet hinges.  Lousy.  Some of you are lousy at reading poetry.  Some of you can't shoot free throws.  Some of you are lousy auto mechanics.  We're all lousy at stuff.  I'm lousy at handles and hinges and it was a great relief to me today when the Deke said she'd take over the discussion of hinges and handles with the painters.  I hope I never have to think about hinges and handles again. I'll pay for them.  No problem.  I am simply very happy not to deal with them.

2.  How many of my students today left class with a clear understanding of the way the independent clause drives the English sentence?  I don't know yet, but I did everything in my power to try to explain and illustrate it today and to help my students with their sentence to sentence punctuation.  (By the way, I love dealing with this in class and love talking about it and, as I explained to my students, it's why I never get invited to parties.)

3.  Thanks to Siskanna's enthusiastic recommendation, I took a small break from the taps while having a beer with the guys I meet with on Thursdays and bought my first ever 22 oz. bottle of Ninkasi's Tricerahops Double IPA and I loved it.  I didn't realize that it is such a citrusy/grapefruity IPA and that's what I enjoy the most and I was really happy I gave it a go.   It's fun to have another beer in my wheelhouse.

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