Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 04/28/14: Progress, Communication Restored, Calm

1.  More walls scrubbed.  More base boards cleaned.  Garage swept, straightened up.  Every day we make progress toward making our house ready to show.

2.  I was relieved to learn that a break down in communication between me and the yard guy who is going to spruce up the property was all about technological breakdown. It's been fixed.  We're back in touch.  Bid accepted.  Work will start soon enough, possibly over the weekend.

3.  All these things going on, the cleaning, the hiring of painters/yard guys, packing stuff, getting ready to move, ya know, it is stressful, but the Deke and I are calm with each other, not being testy or demanding.  Maybe our progress is a bit slow, but we aren't youngsters and not being youngsters makes us slow in the work we get done, but much calmer and less excitable as we face the demands of challenges of this huge change in our life. 

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