Thursday, April 17, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 04/16/14: Yard Guy, SUSAN!!!, Steady Kidneys

1.  The yard guy came over and we had a great talk about what his guys can do to spruce up our front and back yard in preparation for selling our house.  This is one aspect of this whole house selling project that bums me out.  I'd like to have the yard cleaned up and live with it and keep working on it!

2.  Susan!  Are you kidding me!  OMG!  Susan Denning posted on FB that she was in Eugene and she was staying at a bed and breakfast close to our house.  Luckily, we made contact with each other at a time when I wasn't out on futile efforts to buy hinges and drawer pulls, and I SAW HER right in front of our house.  Susan and I were housemates thirty years ago and I honestly don't remember the last time we saw each other, but we did today and it was thrilling for me, made me very happy, and it was fun to have a brief talk about moving, our kids, and people we both know.  Thrilling!

3.  I saw Dr. Ghadour for the next of my regular check ups with him and I am happy to say that things are still holding steady with my kidney function and other things.  As always, when I have blood work done, the hope is that no radical changes occur and none did.  The kidney disease doesn't, of course, disappear, but it's not suddenly progressing at any alarming rate either.  It continues to progress very slowly and that's good news.

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Desert Diva said...

Yard work is a bummer. However, it's all part of home ownership. Good luck to you on your move later this year.

I'm so very happy that your health is holding steady. Congratulations on the good doctor report! :-)