Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 04/21/14: Donations, Stuff from My Past, Farewell Electric Frying Pan

1.  More donations.  More recycled stuff.  We aren't getting rid of everything.  A couple boxes of books, cds, and dvds are packed and ready to go.

2.  It's been many years since I looked in a couple of boxes stored in the basement.  I have tons of notebooks I've written in.  Reviewing them a bit today, it came back to me immediately how much confusion I've felt in my life, especially with broken marriages and other brokenness with girlfriends. I haven't written any such stuff for seventeen years now.  I knew I would find that.  I also didn't realize I'd kept copies of the funny little play I wrote thirty years ago and that I had kept some papers I wrote in college that meant a lot to me and I found the file of materials related to the 1987 Top 100 Albums According to the Rolling Stone party I spearheaded in October of '87.  I'm glad I kept a lot of this stuff and it fit in a single box.  I'm keeping a lot of it.  (By the way, my graduate school field exams did not make the cut. Neither did my grad school application and the paper I wrote on The Waste Land as a sample of my writing.)

3.  I stir fried red cabbage, tofu, and red pepper in the electric frying pan tonight and it was this fine appliance's last supper here at the house.  I have used this appliance so much that the non-stick surface is nearly gone and so I'm donating it to Goodwill and hope someone else will get some of the pleasure of cooking with this frying pan that I did.  I can hardly wait to purchase a new one when we get settled back east. 

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