Friday, April 11, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 04/10/14: Foundations, Refreshment, Provisions

1.  I know I provided my students a lot of help with reading the article closely.  It's how I roll in WR 115.  We read slowly.  I give the students a ton of help.  All the same, I'm pleased with how well my students are understanding "Being a Liberal Arts Teacher" and today I tried to help them write an even better paper showing their understanding of the piece.  I know that in future courses they will have to work on this sort of thing more independently.  I hope by working with the students so closely on this now, I'm helping my students read better and that this will carry over to when they have to do it more on their own.

2.  I was very happy that Sixteen Tons was pouring Sierra Nevada's Summerfest Lager (or is it a pilsner?) today.  It is a refreshing, easy beer and made conversation with John, Don, Cliff, and Elliot all the more enjoyable for our regular Thursday afternoon beer/gabfest.

3.  The stuff I bought at the store today makes it more likely that the Deke and I will eat at home more over the next week or so.  We love getting out of the house, getting some food, and gabbing, but it's good for a lot of reason for us to eat at home more and I'm pretty much in charge of making that happen and now I can. 

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