Saturday, April 12, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 04/11/14: Breakfast with Terry, Getting Stuff Done, Troxstar at Ninkasi

1.  Started off the day perfectly.  I took a walk in the cool morning air to Cornucopia where I met  Smeltervillian and the Kellogg Wildcat's early 70's hope in the post, Terry Turner (KHS '72), for breakfast.  He was in town helping with some organizational matters for Trout Unlimited and we had the good fortune of both being free for some corned beef hash and eggs.

2.  I continued my campaign to get things done.  Talk to painter.  Talk to yard guy.  Write to the realtor. Check. Check. Check.  The list dwindles and then it grows.  I'm bound and determined to put my big boy pants on and get stuff taken care of.

3.  The Troxstar further brightened up my day with a text message reporting that he needed to go to Ninkasi to buy a keg for his kegerator.  This was a welcome surprise.  While the Troxstar took care of his purchase Spring Reign, I sauntered into the tasting room and began with a tasty pint of Dawn of the Red Ale, the Troxstar joined me, and I finished our short session with a pint of Total Domination IPA.  The weather was perfect, the people watching was excellent, and the conversation first-rate.

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