Thursday, April 24, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 04/23/14: Keeping Pictures, Painters Finished, Go-Gos at Billy Mac's

1.  I've disposed of a lot of things I've kept over the years, as we get ready to move, but I'm hanging on to almost every picture.  It was fun to look at some of them today while I sorted through things:  the Deke took a selfie of the two of us in front of the house back in '97; pictures of Christmas Day in the early days of our new family; pictures of Philosophy/Writing students acting out scenes from Love Medicine; our new family's first visit to Kellogg; Carol's 40th birthday party; Christy's dogs through the years; and more, of course.  I got some good chuckles, felt the sting of loss, and experienced some warm memories as I looked through these pictures.

2.  The painters have finished their work, unless we spot something that needs touched up.  The front porch, kitchen, dining area, and living room look fresher, brighter, and pleasing.  It's nice to have things looking good and it's really nice to be able to get our living areas put back in place.

3.  Tonight we stopped in at Billy Mac's for some light refreshment.  I enjoyed the appetizer special,  curried oysters, and a small Caesar salad and, while we were eating, the Go-Gos' great tune "We Got the Beat" came on the sound system and Cathy told us about her short stint dating the brother of a Go-Go and I was reminded of how I used to enjoy drinking Moosehead beer at DeFrisco's in the Atrium in downtown Eugene and, for some reason, "We Got the Beat" seemed to come on often and I liked feeling transported back to 1982 and thinking about getting together with Pam or Chris or Roger at DeFrisco's and remembering how I thought Moosehead was the best beer ever and how happy I am that whenever Susan Denning hears the Go-Gos she thinks of me, even though Susan and I never drank Mooseheads together at DeFrisco's. 

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