Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 04/29/14: Icing, Batard, Whiskey

1.  Back in January, a tendon or something flared up in my Achilles heel and I could barely walk for a few days.  It came back this week and I immediately went to the ice and it worked.  Suddenly this afternoon, the pain nearly disappeared.  When I have these flareups, whether it's big toe or heel, ice is the answer.

2.  I love that Batard bread from Provisions and today I ordered a salami, sharp cheddar cheese, yellow mustard, dill pickle, and black olive sandwich on Provisions Batard bread and enjoyed a little bag of sea salt/vinegar Kettle Chips and a mandarin lime soda while sitting on the 11th Street side of the Kiva, watching the different dramas of life near the LTD transit station unfold.

3.  It was getting late in the evening.  The Deke had gone to bed.  I finished tracking the OKC/Memphis game and gave up trying to figure out what makes NBA referee Joey Crawford tick, so I poured myself and McNoughton's and ginger ale.  It tasted wonderful and warmed me.  It blissfully increased my already jolly outlook on life and basic belief in the goodness of people.

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