Monday, April 28, 2014

Three Beautiful Things 04/27/14: Gettin More Done, Break from Salami, Gotta Get Outa the House

1.  More cleaning.  More trips to Goodwill. The house is getting emptier.  Maybe the inside is a day away from being picture ready.  We'll see...

2.  We decided to take a break from salami and cheese on Albertson's Italian bread and enjoyed a Bollywood and a Korean BBQ rice bowl from Laughing Planet.

3.  The Deke had to get out of the house late this afternoon and so we went to Bier Stein, which is pretty reliably quiet(er) on Sunday afternoon's and I went for the Russian River double header:  Pliny the Elder and Blind Pig IPA.  We decided for even more quiet, so dropped in at Sixteen Tons and really changed things up with some Firestone Walker Winter Wookey.  It was a perfect way to end our time "out of the house".  For me, it was like having a brandy to end the evening.  It was also fun sharing Frye and Laurie with Thomas and the Deke had a blast messaging back and forth with Allison D. 

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