Sunday, March 1, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 02/28/15: No More Shaggy, Ready for Fitness, Back to IKEA BONUS: Grandchildren

1.  I've been letting my hair go shaggy for a few years now and I went to the Hair Cuttery this morning figuring I'd keep it that way, and have about and inch and a half trimmed off.  Beatriz, the really lovely stylist I was assigned to, didn't really understand my instructions and she gave me a real haircut and my shaggy look is gone.  I took it in stride.  My hair can always grow out again and suddenly, as I sat there watching pounds of hair fall on the floor, I thought, I kind of like this change. It does me some good.  Beatriz and I had a great chat about our families and why I moved to Greenbelt and her family in Ecuador and I left happy with how everything worked out.  Beatriz gave me her card and I'll return to her again -- and I'll decide, in the meantime, whether to let my hair go shaggy again or keep this much tidier look.

2.  With my new membership at the fitness center, I needed to purchase a few things at Modell Sporting Goods and got some help with shoes from a friendly and patient college-aged woman who stuck with me as I deliberated and deliberated about what shoes to buy.  I prefer shoes that are a single color, but not white, and these days running/walking/workout shoes feature multiple colors and showy patterns.  I definitely didn't want, like, an eggplant colored show, but I managed to find a pattern, among the cornucopia of choices, that made me happy and that felt good on my feet, too.  I picked up a few other things and I'm ready for either the fitness machines or the swimming pool at the Greenbelt Fitness and Aquatic Center.

3.  Today featured my return to IKEA -- a solo run.  Knowing the my last visits to IKEA gave me vertigo, the Deke had other plans for how to get the shelves and another chair for our apartment home home from IKEA, but I interrupted her mellifluous ponderings and volunteered to make the short trip myself and navigate the IKEA maze and bring the goods home.  And. I. Succeeded.  I only had to call the Deke once for some help -- it wasn't pathetic -- I just needed her to text me a couple of numbers -- and everything worked out great.

BONUS:  Molly and Hiram met with a realtor for much of the day today and David and Olivia had an extended visit in our apartment home.  They were great.  They love what their Nana has collected here for them to play with, they enjoy each other as playmates, and about every twenty minutes or so they knock our socks off with some kind of statement or some use of a word or some thought or idea that we find remarkable.  They are really, really good children.

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