Sunday, March 15, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 03/14/15: Magic Wand, Under the Chair, Eggplant Conversion

1.  While Molly and Hiram spent the afternoon on family business, the Deke and I hosted David and Olivia.  They were delightful and played beautifully with each other -- well, except for that moment early in the afternoon when they started to get physical over who got to have the magic wand, uh, the invisible magic wand.  David wanted it and Olivia wouldn't relent.  Quickly, the Deke separated them and when it was over, it was over.

2.  We have a chair in the living room that for some reason I didn't think anything could fit underneath.  For days, I've been looking for a card reader I irrationally really like a lot.  Turns out there is room under the chair for things to disappear.  During a routine cleaning of the living room, I found it.  I was irrationally ecstatic.

3.  Late this afternoon, Hiram played a gig with the President's Own, so Molly came by herself to pick up David and Olivia.  I think Molly is a relatively recent convert to eggplant, so in the middle of the afternoon I fixed an eggplant tomato sauce to put over pasta and I was irrationally ecstatic when Molly dug into her bowl of dinner and really liked it.  Dinner also featured a conversation about narrow tastes in food with Olivia -- and brought back memories of Molly as a youngster and her narrow tastes.  We had a good laugh about those days.  I think Molly is happy they are over so she can enjoy the many wonders of eggplant when she sits down to a meal I've prepared.

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