Saturday, March 7, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 03/06/15: Update on Mom, Frost and Lewis, Safely in Nyack

1.  Carol kept in touch with me a couple of times during the day.  Mom is resting pretty well, is managing her pain, making adjustments to not being able to use her right hand for much, and had a routine check up with the doctor this afternoon.  The best news of the day was the doctor made a referral for a CNA to come in and help Mom out.  This will be especially helpful when it comes to getting dressed and washing up. I'm not sure when the CNA will come in to assess things and set a schedule.  I'm really happy and relieved to know that Mom readily agreed to this -- it will help Mom significantly and be a great help for Carol and Christy.

2.  I watched episodes of A Touch of Frost and Inspector Lewis this afternoon and into the evening. Both Jack Frost and Robbie Lewis delighted me as solid working-class cops.  Both are gruff, while also big hearted, and without delusions when it comes to their own shortcomings and social rank. They are astute, hard-working detectives, easily put off by pretension, and have little patience with phonies and liars.  I've got to be careful not to let whole days get eaten up by watching the endless available episodes of these two shows.

3.  The Deke and Molly arrived safely in Nyack.  Evidently, it didn't take them long to get over to Growler and Gill.  Molly is abstaining from alcohol during her pregnancy, so when she texted me that the joint had Festina Peche (as well as Fin du Monde) on tap, it was with a heavy heart.  When the baby is born this summer, Molly and I will raise a Festina Peche to his or her good health and long life!

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