Friday, March 27, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 03/26/15: Tax Error, Hint of Humidity, Lewis and Hathaway

1.  It was an easy mistake to make and Bill, the tax preparer will correct it this evening and I'll pick up the revised tax stuff on Friday:  he used my last name when the Deke's name popped up on the returns instead of her own name.  Ha!  It was kind of weird, having known her by her last name all these years, to have her appear on these returns with my last name.

2.  The temperature climbed up into the early 70s today, accompanied by showers and I got my first hint, in 2015, of the duvet of humidity we'll live with every day before long.

3.  I settled into another episode of Inspector Lewis and realized that the plots spun in this series don't interest me nearly as much as the way the series develops the character of Lewis and of Hathaway and develops their relationship.  The relationship is mostly professional, but friendship also emerges. Nothing about their relationship reminds me of anything I've seen before in pairs of cops, whether Cagney and Lacey or Friday and Gannon.

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