Sunday, March 29, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 03/28/15: Mom Sounds Strong, Candyland!, Existential Jack Frost

1.  MOM UPDATE:  It's not easy to patch a phone call through to Mom these days.  What with a CNA coming to her house to help clean her and do some light housekeeping, a physical therapist visiting, an occupational therapist visiting, and with Pat Elfsten delivering a new medical lift chair to her house, it's a whirlwind at her place.  Finally, shortly after 7 EST, I was able to get a call in and Mom sounded strong and most appreciative of all the help she's getting from family and the professionals.  About ten minutes into our talk, the doorbell rang and Pat had arrived to deliver the new chair.  I'll have to see tomorrow if I can get on Mom's social schedule (ha!) and get another call through -- but, good news.  The Roberts are taking her across the church to the church, they have borrowed a wheelchair, and Mom will get to hear people from across the Silver Valley sing an Easter Cantata, directed by Joy Persoon.  Getting out, seeing some people, and hearing the music performed will be great medicine for her spirit.

2.  Molly and Olivia and David paid a visit this afternoon and the youngsters experienced an important rite of passage:  the Deke had bought the board game, Candyland, and the children played it for the first time.

3.  After Molly, the Deke, and I ate a steaming bowl of massaman curry over brown rice (next time, I'll make a thinner sauce and use less peanut butter), I watched a very satisfying episode of A Touch of Frost.  For Jack Frost, detective work becomes an existential crisis as, within himself, he wrestles with crime and the pointless deaths he investigates, giving him pause to silently wrestle with whether life has any real meaning -- or is life just a series of random and meaningless occurrences? Are they occurrences that a cop like himself must get to the bottom of to satisfy the law?  Doesn't he know know all the while that solving a case will never satisfy any craving he has to make sense of what happens in the world?

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