Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 03/24/15: Mom's Successful Surgery, Money, A Most Welcome Dinner

1.  MOM UPDATE:  Mom came through the surgery on her upper arm successfully.  She will stay in the hospital in Post Falls over night and be home after lunch on Wednesday, March 25.  The surgeon told Carol that once he saw it,  the fracture was worse than he thought.  As I understand it, he mended the fracture with a rod.  Carol will bring Mom home and then I'll learn more about what she'll do to recover and rehabilitate.

2.  It money day today.  I sat with the tax preparer for an hour or so figuring out the ramifications of a multi-state return and our move and so and so forth.  The results, so far, are favorable for us and we'll know the final verdict at the end of the week.  The Deke and I then had a sit down with our financial advisors and we are getting a clearer picture of what our financial future looks like.  This money stuff wears me out -- always has -- and I enjoyed coming home and enjoying a cold, fresh satisfying bottle of Port City Monument IPA, an easy, refreshing beer brewed in Alexandria.

3.  I made the Deke and me a green curry with eggplant, red peppers, and onion and served the coconut milky concoction over ramen noodles pan fried in sesame oil.  After the Deke had had a noisy day at school, we confronted our finances, and the Deke stood in a long line at CVS to get a prescription refill, this really tasty meal was most welcome.

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