Monday, March 2, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 03/01/15: Dog Delivery, Arriving at the Day's Inn, Pratt Street Alehouse

1.  Wintry, sleety, rainy, icy conditions invaded the Greater Greenbelt and the surrounding area and after much deliberation (fretting), I put the dogs in the Subaru and braved my way through the puddles and a couple of crashes on the Capital Beltway and delivered the corgis to Molly and Hiram's so that the Deke and I can go to Baltimore.

2.  The Deke and I cruised through the gray and the sleet up the Balitmore/Washington Parkway to the Inner Harbor Day's Inn hotel and were greeted by Gerald (or Gerard),  the most overbearingly friendly counter host in the history of hotel hospitality.  We managed to survive his piles and piles of b.s. and got settled in our room for a relaxing night.

3.  Just down the street from the hotel, we found the Pratt Street Ale House and the Deke and I settled into a beer each.  I enjoyed an English bitter on Nitro and the Deke went for a double IPA.  We relaxed with our beer for a while and then I ordered a plate of fish and chips and the Deke had a black and blue hamburger.  We enjoyed our dinner experience and went back to our room, satisfied, ready to rest, and get our ourselves mentally ready for whatever our Monday at the UMMC Transplantation Clinic might bring us.  

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