Monday, March 9, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 03/08/15: Getting Organized, Mom Abides, Molly Eats More Stuff Now

1.  It was a list writing morning as I try to get the tasks organized I need to complete in order to finish this kidney listing project.  I want to have the information I need and the appointments made by the middle of the week.

2.  The reports from Kellogg regarding Mom continue to be good.  The best news is that a person will be coming to see Mom on Tuesday to assess the care she needs and to get things going with a CNA and, I hope, help with other things around her house.

3.  The Deke and Molly arrived safely in Greenbelt around 4:00 and I chopped up some tofu, cauliflower, red pepper, mushrooms, and green beans and made a red curry sauce and we ate that mixture poured over rice for dinner.  I was especially happy that Molly found the dinner both delicious and nutritious.  She is so much more fun to cook for now that she's 29 -- as opposed to when she was in middle school!  I still haven't quite shaken the memories of how narrow Molly and Patrick's eating habits were 15-17 years ago, so, I am always, even now, extra pleased when, as adults, they like stuff I cook.  I'm really happy they are more and more open to different things all the time.  (However, it doesn't look like either of them will have their come to Jesus moment with cilantro...dang it.)

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