Saturday, March 21, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 03/20/15: Letter from the Transplant Center, Helping Molly, Fun with Massaman

UPDATE:  On October 1, 2006, I started this modest project, a blog I named kellogg bloggin' and today, on March 21, 2015, I am posting my 3000th entry.If nothing else, I've stuck with it.

1.  I received in the mail today the official notice that I have been placed on the kidney transplant list and I learned what I need to do as far as informing the transplant center of a number of things, including travel, change in insurance plan, and if I have a change in address.  I will have blood drawn once a month.  I'll have heart tests run annually.  None of it sounds onerous.  I just have to remember. It makes me want to make a poster-sized reminder list and post it in a conspicuous spot in our apartment home.

2.  Molly arrived at our apartment home around 4:30 or so, bedraggled.  David had wet himself. Olivia was upset about a spill in the car.  She stripped David of his wet clothes and I laundered them. As I left to go pick up the Deke, Olivia was on a time out and David lay prone, wailing about not having his clothes.  I returned home with the Deke and things had calmed down and the children were happy to see their Nana.  It took a big load off Molly, who has been alone with the children for a day or two since Hiram went to Harrisburg recently for a symphony gig.  Soon enough, Olivia was eating quesadilla wedges and jasmine rice at the table and the Deke was reading Mike Mulligan and Steam Shovel to David.  I got David's clothes out of the drier and finished fixing dinner.  Later Molly, the children, and the Deke left to go back to Alexandria and the Deke and Olivia and David will be back here on Sunday and Molly will go to Harrisburg to hear the orchestra Hiram is working for perform.

3.  When I shopped at Hung Phat yesterday, I bought some massaman curry paste and was eager to give it a try and so I stir fried about 4 oz of paste, added a can of coconut milk, let it boil before adding kaffir leaves, fish sauce, lime juice, ginger slices, brown sugar, soy sauce, hot sauce, and white sugar; I brought it to a boil, let it simmer a bit and put in another can of coconut milk, and added in a pound of chicken and a chopped onion.  Once the chicken had cooked, I added green beans, roasted peanuts, peanut butter, and potatoes.  This was really fun, especially as the different aromas of the curry and peanuts and ginger and kaffir leaves rose out of the pot and it was most rewarding when Molly and the Deke enjoyed eating this curry over rice.   Half the coconut milk I used came out of the carton I use for my oatmeal in the morning and it is not as creamy as the canned coconut milk.  In the future, I will only used the creamier stuff in curry dishes.

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