Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 03/10/15: One a Day, Deep Sleep, Marvelous Eggplant

1.  Have I ever mentioned before that I do best with the business of my life if I take on one thing a day?  I get overwhelmed if I try to take on everything at once, and, unless it's absolutely urgent to get another thing done, I focus my efforts on one thing each day.  Today I returned to the seemingly never ending string of tasks renal transplant evaluation requires.  I found out that the insurance authorization I procured for my day in Baltimore is good for the cardiology tests, chest X-ray, and TB rest still to come and that cleared the way for me to write to my primary doctor and request that he put in orders for these procedures.  I've decided to have them done at the U of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore so that I combine medical visits with messing around in Baltimore some more. I'll be really happy if my doctor gets these orders in soon so I can make appointments, get these procedures done, and put this evaluation in the rear view mirror.

2.  Well, one of the good things about being retired is that I have time to take care of these medical matters and, when it wipes me out, as it does, I have the time and leisure to collapse with the corgis and take a recuperative nap.  In fact, a coma nap.  Jet planes from Andrews Air Force base just down the road could have screamed overhead and repeatedly broken the sound barrier and it wouldn't have awakened me.

3.  For those of you marveling at the amount of eggplant the Deke and I eat (and enjoy), you can mark down March 10th as another eggplant day.  I just happened to have one in the fridge and I just happen to have a really easy thai dish recipe on hand and I whipped it up tonight and I gotta tell ya, it was really good.  

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