Thursday, March 5, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 03/04/15: Fending Off Anxiety, The Deke Rocks, Cookie Break

1.  I spent much of the day feeling a constant and low level of anxiety about our appointment late in the afternoon with our new financial planners.  To combat this anxiety, I watched the 1980 Francois Truffaut movie The Last Metro.  The movie runs over two hours and helped occupy my mind with some suspense, a love triangle of sorts, and a peek into the backstage life of a theater company working to stay alive during the Nazi occupation of Paris.  I'll be writing more about this movie in my next sibling assignment later today.

2.  Our financial, ahem, empire has not collapsed and the Deke and I enjoyed talking with the two men we met with over the Deke's classroom.  I probably enjoyed being in the Deke's workplace for the first time even more than talking about our financial future.  The Deke also told me about intervening when two of her students got into a tussle.  She settled them down and talked to them, without doing what she's supposed to do -- that is, have disciplinarian from outside the classroom come in and deal with the fighters.  The kind way she talked to the boys and the relief they felt that she didn't call anyone in moved them to tears.  When we were done with our financial business, the Deke returned home to grateful emails from both of the boys' mothers.  It's the happiest I've seen the Deke since she started this job at Robert Goddard French Immersion school.

3.  All of us in the greater Prince George's Countyopolis are anticipating a massive snow event tomorrow and so I ducked into the Co-op to make sure we had plenty of tofu, eggplant, and beer.  My best purchase, however, was a bag of Geneva cookies and the Deke enjoy a few with her HopDevil IPA and I enjoyed a few with a bracing mug of English tea and milk.  It was a simple and satisfying way to bring our day to a close.

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