Thursday, March 19, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 03/18/15: I Made the Transplant List, Walking at Lake Artemesia, No Eggplant

1.  Upon receiving the blood work results that established I'm not a drug addict and other important facts, my nurse coordinator today placed me on the transplant list.  I immediately, now, begin to accrue time.  When I have crawled to the top and am offered a transplant, if the time isn't right, I don't lose my spot.  I still have some evaluation work to be done, primarily cardiological.  If something bad comes up, I'll get knocked off the list, but no one anticipates that.  Let's hope that prediction holds up!

2. Earlier in the day, I drove the short distance to College Park, MD and the Lake Artemesia Natural Area and braved the gusty winds and bracing wind chill and walked nearly three miles on the Painted Branch trail.  I'll keep going over there, explore more of the trail system, and, eventually, start taking pictures.

3.  I used a green curry recipe and the menu at Eugene's Chao Pra Ya as a guide and whipped up some pretty good curry tonight.  I had recently bought a jar of kaffir leaves, liked how they worked, and the Deke and I both liked that I chopped up and boiled potatoes and included them in the curry.  It was a lot of fun to be guided by a recipe but to improvise.  For those of you who are on eggplant watch, I managed to create a green curry dish without eggplant.  Can you believe it?

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