Sunday, March 8, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 03/07/15: Uneventful Update, Amateur Mistake, Eggplant and Inspectors

1.  Christy spent the day with Mom and when she texted me with updates, things sounded stable. Mom seems to be resting well, seems steady on her feet, and is eating just fine.  I'm really happy that this report on Mom's Saturday is so uneventful.

2.  I finally knocked all the snow off the Subaru and drove down to Greenbelt Lake to see about taking a walk and some pictures.  I snapped off a few pictures and suddenly my camera informed me that my battery was nearly run out.  I suddenly realized I was wrong.  I thought I had charged this battery before putting it in my camera case, but I didn't.  Consequently, my photo tour was brief.  I went home and made sure my camera batteries were charged.  This is what I think we can all agree was an amateur mistake.

3.  I thought early in the day that with the Deke on a road trip, I might have a meal out.  After some deliberation, I decided I didn't care to go somewhere solo, so I sauteed some onion and garlic, added a chopped up eggplant, sauteed it for a while, poured a can of diced tomatoes generously herbed with basil and oregano and bay leaf over the mix.  Meanwhile, I boiled some penne, put the tomato/eggplant mixture over it, and enjoyed a dinner superior to anything I could have found in the Greenbelt area.  Well fed, I settled into an episode of A Touch of Frost and another of Inspector Lewis.

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