Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 03/30/15: Saved by the Bus, Recovery, Jack Frost Solves Again

1.  By the time I walked to the tax preparer to turn in the paperwork (corrected with the Deke's last name) and walked to the Greenbelt Public Library, I was overcome with weakness.  I sat for a while in the library, took care of the business I could, and went outside and found a bench and sat for a while longer and then walked over to the Roosevelt Center and thought I might lose consciousness.  I got some money out of the bank, sat some more, and then went into the Coop and bought a bagel and some orange juice.  I was beginning to think I had become dehydrated and I felt under nourished, so I hoped the bagel and orange juice would help.  I was over two miles from home and didn't think I could walk it, wondered what to do, and then remembered that the G12 Metrobus travels right in front of Roosevelt Center and has a stop close to our apartment home.  In all of this, this was the beautiful thing.  I knew the G12's route and, sure enough, I walked to the bus shelter, after about twenty minutes the bus arrived, and I started to regain some energy and my walk from the stop near our apartment back home went pretty well.

2.  Once home,  I drank water, ate some fruit, and took a short nap and by the time I drove to the school to pick up the Deke,  I was doing pretty well again, helped by eating leftover chicken soup and some leftover curry and rice and drinking more water.  It's odd.  The temperature was in the low fifties, yet I felt like I had been walking in hot weather.  I am determined to carry water and some food with me when I walk, stay hydrated, and work to keep this from happening again.

3.  After this afternoon incident and dinner, I settled into another episode of A Touch of Frost, a disturbing story about elderly women in Denton being robbed of pension money and then a couple of others were beaten to death.  Watching the irritable, untidy, tea loving Jack Frost, and old school detective relying on both evidence and gut feelings, solve this case was impressive -- as is his ongoing existential crisis growing out of his loveless marriage having ended when his wife died.

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