Friday, March 6, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 03/05/15: Writing on a Snow Day, Watching *Page Eight*, Mom Fractures Her Arm

1.  The snow fell steadily today for about ten hours and the Deke had a snow day and so we hunkered down, drank coffee and tea, and enjoyed the great indoors, checking up occasionally on the snow piling up, and trying to keep the dogs quiet.  I enjoyed writing about The Last Metro and how it made me think back to teaching The Family in American Drama over thirty years ago at Whitworth.  If you'd like to check out what I had to say, just click here.

2.  One of the benefits of having a library card in the Prince George's Library System is that it offers two online television, movie, and music download/streaming services.  This evening I went to Hoopla and watched a BBC show featuring Bill Nighy, Rachel Weisz, Michael Gambon, and Judy Davis entitled Page Eight.  It was an internal politics movie about people working at MI5, and, as these spy v spy movies often are, it was a dizzying story and gave Bill Nighy a means of playing a character who appears, on the surface, to be numb, but is actually a complex character with some conscience and a lot of wiliness.

3.  That my mother fell in the basement bathroom yesterday afternoon and fractured her upper arm/shoulder is not a beautiful thing.  It's upsetting in a number of ways.  But, some good things happened.  The medical alert system she recently purchased worked.  All three people on her list got calls when Mom pushed the button.  None were at their phone, so a call went in to the EMTs who came to the house and got Mom to the Emergency Room.  My friend Terry Absec got one of the calls and called me, so I knew to call Carol and find out what was happening.  Mom was treated at the hospital.  Her right arm is in a sling.  Carol was staying the night.  I talked with Mom after she got home and she reassured me she was fine and told me not to worry.  I could tell the adrenaline was still doing its work.  She'll be in the sling for two months.  Christy is going to come to Kellogg on Friday once she's off work.  Mom has a lot of help and support nearby.  My guess is she's going to need more help than what family and friends can provide.

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